VA – 10 Years of Occulta
10 years ago we heard offshoots of music that could be described as alternative, deep and the more darker side of progressive psytrance.
A decade later it spawned an entirely new sub genre known as dark progressive, captivating a generation of passionate, ardent listeners and bringing in new producers day by day to the scene with its infectious blend of sound design, catchy moderate tempos and deep psychedelia.

Occulta Records today firmly stands as a pioneering label today to have promoted this entire movement with various shades of dark progressive with a synonynous sound and an arsenal of incredible producers ranging from South America to Australia spanning across all continents.
This compilation is a culmination of the labels past, present and future that would propel the listener to new dimensions whilst keeping the classic dark prog essence!


released June 12, 2019

Mastering by Antilogic Audio Mastering

Artwork by Phaabee