Coming True (Free Download)
Finally, after 2 years of passionated research, sound design and composition, it´s coming true!
Anormic first masterpiece is a deep and evolving story about its own process of manifestation. A Dark Prog-ish framework with experimental flavour guides you through various fields and structures of perception.

“What we call reality is the source of every idea. The elixir of creativity. The fundamental root for infinite imagination.
But for visions to come true, they have to endure certain kinds of incidences, depending on the system they are running through.
Conscious or unconscious, interpreted, balanced, connected then manipulated and defined. A feedback loop that builds up to something.
In this case a certain array of bits, defining the movement pattern of your speakers membrane, which send out waves that travel through your hearing system. After passing your personal chain-reactionary perception the vision comes ultimately true in your mind.”


released January 27, 2021

Mastering by Antilogic Audio Mastering

Artwork by Anormic