Armin aka SkyVibes got in touch with electronic music back in the year 2004, which turned out as a highly inspiring impact on his life.
A long time & serious Trance/Psychedelic listener since his early ages.
Born in Tehran/Persia and currently living in Stockholm/Sweden.
Got his frst international gig as a DJ year 2013 and it was just the beginning…
Already played all over Sweden, as well countries like ( Brazil, Denmark, India, Germany,  Finland, Hungary, Turkey, Austria, Armenia & the list goes on. )
From small underground to big indoor & outdoor parties, festivals & open airs, and shared the stages with the biggest artists on the Scene.
Over the years, he constantly developed his DJ skills and styles & signed with ( Occulta Records ) from India, as their label DJ.
Beside being an active DJ, he´s also organising underground events in Sweden & India/Goa.