Back To Mars

Back To Mars started playing in 2001 at the legendary underground 9Lives of Hofmann parties in Amsterdam. Since then, she grew as an international DJ, playing in major festivals like MoDem, O.Z.O.R.A., Antaris, Boom, Sonica,
Ritual, Psy-Fi, Hai in den Mai, WAO, WAHA, Sunshine, Waldfrieden Wonderland, Universo Paralello, Transition, Synaptic Eclipse, Own Spirit, Utopia, Solstice, Blackmoon, Space Safari, SUN, Sunburn, Cross, Play Music,
Human Evolution, Further, Psykult, Funny Moon.
A diverse DJ, she can play day time and power night music. Some of her favorite styles are Forest, Groovy Night Psy, Driving Prog and Psygressive.
Besides specific one-style sets, she can also combine them and create transitions on the dance floor.
Outside the decks, Back to Mars is responsible for the music programming for Bom Voyage, Trance Orient Express and Solstice Festival (Ruigoord) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.